Friday, July 29, 2005

Hmm well what a day

It's Friday night and all I want is for my demon children to fall asleep so I can do some laundry, knit or crochet, or maybe both. Maybe some tv time? I wish I were handy enough to read while I play with yarn.

We are leaving in the morning for a 2 hour drive to stay overnight for my cousin's wedding. We'll also visit Mr. Blue's grandma who lives there and probably take a ride out on the lake in the in-laws boat. Apparently Mr. Blue's father is also going down, presumably because he has a free weekend. Really he is going to protect his boat from the likes of us. I, of course, have not packed for us yet, and still need to do laundry so I can pack. Thank goodness it's a one night trip. The wedding should be a blast, and it will be great to get out of our little ghetto duplex, hip hip hooray!

Now, for the adventures of the Blue children. Those sweet little people with the big smiles and chubby cheeks in the pictures below are not as innocent as they might seem. Oh no. One has only to look at my post from a few days ago to see what trouble that grinning little two year old can get into by himself. Today he decided to express his artful side. We've seen the clean side of him, now we get a taste of his creativity. Apparently this small child can actually open the heavy doors to our hall closet, which houses sheets, blankets and pillowcases, along with all sorts of crafty type things of mine. And a few boxes of junk I have no place for.

Today Colin found some paint we had used to create fabulous ornaments out of clear glass balls. It's very handy acrylic paint, in blue, green, silver, and gold. Upon finding the paint I can only guess what went through his head. I'm supposing it was some sort of it's time for a room redecoration idea. Of course he waited until I was busy with some domestic sort of thing and he went to work. His older brother and sisters decided that they should allow him some freedom with the paint he worked so hard to get, and didn't come tell me until he had really done some fabulous painting.

I came into the boys bedroom to find the recently bathed C happily splotched with paint, the walls with paint poured on them, his toddler bed and bedding painted, and a good size puddle of blue on the lid of a bin. Apparently he takes after me with his craftiness, some of you may remember the bin decorating I have done.

The clean up process took quite awhile, and eventually I decided that the pool of blue paint should just be used to actually paint the bin lid, as it was not all coming off. The child still has some paint on him, hopefully it will wear off before the wedding. If not I will play it off as his sense of style.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning his bedding and attempting to get the rest of them to clean their rooms. The rooms are maybe half done, I've given up, they've bested me. For today.

I have also abandoned my clever idea of making dishcloths for the cousin to be married. Well, I will still make them, they just won't technically be wedding presents. As usual I have failed to live up to my own expectations.

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