Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another dishcloth! I went Sugar 'n Cream crazy at Hobby Lobby last night. I went from the same pattern, but made it a little smaller and added an extra row around the edge. Posted by Picasa


Heels said...

Pretty pattern!

I am totally enamored of Sugar/C yarn and have a lot in my stash.

I like the all-cotton texture and am trying to make a bunch of squares (hot pink and lime green at the moment) to put together as a blanket for McP. It's not the most elegant yarn ever, but it feels so much better than acrylic or nylon-y stuff, doesn't it?

Love the turquoise/lime multi cloth, too!

Lisa said...

Thanks Heels :). S 'n Cream has a great pattern for a bag made of granny squares if you get to the point of being worn out and not wanting to go for the blanket.

There is an orange/yellow colorway that is even better than this.