Sunday, December 30, 2007

Not only are my husband and I getting old...

we are also big dorks. It started with my husband saying "You know, it's New Year's Eve tomorrow and we have no plans. How lame is that?" I agree, but I cut us a little slack for a few reasons. We have four children and things have been crazy and busy and we've been sick so it's been nice just being home. Also, New Year's Eve is also one of my sisters' birthdays and we usually spend it with her and our family. This is one of the few years we will not be celebrating with her as they stayed in California for the holidays this year. I have to admit I've been a little sad about that and really haven't made an effort to plan anything.

Also, we are getting older. We are not OLD people yet, but already in our early thirties we can't hang like we used to. Gone are the days of working, athleticism, and partying till the wee hours. I'm sure much of the tiredness can be attributed to my illness and how it affects both of us, along with working and having four children but it is still funny to realize how boring we've become.

That being said, here is a sad, sad story to show our lame dorky oldness. The boys got these really cool robots for Christmas and when each of us saw them on Christmas day we had the same reaction, we couldn't wait to chase the cats with them. We'd forgotten this until tonight when the husband said "Hey we haven't gotten the cats with those robots yet!" and both of us got up out of our chairs in excitement to do so. Sadly, we are so lame that the cat we tried it on wouldn't play. She merely glared at us with disdain.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

what? pictures?!?

YES! I have a brand spanking new digital camera and I am very excited about it. These are pictures of the hats I am working on and the blanket I'm making for my sister. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am officially sick with a cold, which is no good when you have no immune system. I am becoming very, very growly and I do not want to have any obligations, but as I have a family and a job and it is almost Christmas obligations abound. I will need to call for another antibiotic to hopefully fix this latest illness.

And, my dryer has stopped working. Upon searching the internets I have diagnosed it as a dryer door switch problem. According to the fix it sites this is a fairly simple repair. According to my history and handy chick learning it will not be at all simple. It will be something I would start and then totally jack up and get frustrated with. Why is my husband not handier? He is on the bad list at the moment because I found that he has taken ALL of the tools from MY toolbox and put them somewhere that is NOT my toolbox and I cannot even find a screwdriver at the moment. The power drill is dead and the battery charger is MIA. I am highly irritated by all of this and it is not at all good to not have a working dryer with four children in the house.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My son is hilarious.

The Sunday School Christmas Program went very well, the kids were all very cute and did a great job. My older three had speaking parts, and for the older son this was the first Sunday School program he actually participated in. He is now 7 and has ADAMANTLY refused in years past. This year he VOLUNTEERED for a speaking part and did it very well. I was shocked and very, very proud. The girls had a speaking part each and one together, which was really adorable. Also funny was Arenne nudging Abbie over over to the correct spot. The nudging was really close to a shove and got some laughter from the audience.

My Sunday School class was very cute and adorable and did really well. My youngest was one of the loud singing microphone lovers and even threw his hands up in a ta-daa fashion at the end.

Still, the funniest moment was while we were sitting and watching and Colin, who was wearing black pants, black vest, white button up shirt, and tie, turned to the kid next to him and said quietly, "Do I look like a waitress?"

Monday, December 17, 2007

Venus & Box

are some seriously crafty girls, and have my favorite podcast ever, It's Not Us, It's You. They had a salt dough ornament smackdown and the results were great. I give them both mad props as our salt dough ghosts were more like salt dough blobs.

I love them both, and was not looking forward to having to choose one of them as the winner, until I saw the Bear Jesus ornament. It was over. Venus did a nice job on the boobs of her chickie though.

Go here to see their entries and vote. And check out the podcast if you haven't already!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We're putting up the christmas tree tonight, finally! I'd also like to get some lights up on the house, except the husband is opposed to them. Scrooge. I think the kids may just be excited enough to get him to do it though.

The cold is biting and I'm over the ice, but the snow is really pretty. The youngest threw himself down in it right off to make a snow angel and soon learned the lesson of only doing that when wearing snowpants with your coat. I've also decided that whoever steals the socks also takes the gloves and hats. No matter how many I buy we end up with only a few mismatched pairs when it's time to leave the house. I've tried lots of tricks, including a bin that the kids can just throw them into right by the door, but nothing works. Maybe I should just duct tape them right onto the coats.

So the Christmas tree trimming is tonight and tomorrow is the kids program at Sunday School. I teach the preschool/kindergarten group, who are singing the old standard Away In a Manger, complete with motions. It's cute, as small people usually are.

Today I need to go in and do a bunch of work I wasn't able to get done this week, all things needing done by tomorrow for church. Should be pretty exciting and hopefully there won't be too many snags. Hopefully.

This blog is really boring, and I so need to get some pics up, at least if I get a post up it helps, right? RIGHT?!?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ice, Snow, and Cold Oh My!

In the past week we've gotten more of the ice and snow and our temps have dropped quite a bit. Still, we've dodged much of what was predicted, yesterday they were saying anywhere from 3 to 11 inches depending on how it hit us, and I think we ended up with about 4 inches? Not too bad.

The kids have been loving it, I love it until I have to shovel or scrape/sweep it off of my car. It is pretty though.

I haven't done ANY knitting or crocheting this past week, I haven't been feeling all that well and have been pretty exhausted by work. I am reading more though. Currently I'm reading the Harry Bosch books by Michael Connelly, except I haven't figured out exactly what order they should be in and that's kind of driving me nuts. I bought a bunch of them with a gift card my sister gave me for my birthday, I love having books just waiting to be read.

I'm feeling pretty lame and boring right now, and nothing exciting is really happening. Maybe when we get the Christmas tree up I'll have some fun cat/tree stories.