Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We're putting up the christmas tree tonight, finally! I'd also like to get some lights up on the house, except the husband is opposed to them. Scrooge. I think the kids may just be excited enough to get him to do it though.

The cold is biting and I'm over the ice, but the snow is really pretty. The youngest threw himself down in it right off to make a snow angel and soon learned the lesson of only doing that when wearing snowpants with your coat. I've also decided that whoever steals the socks also takes the gloves and hats. No matter how many I buy we end up with only a few mismatched pairs when it's time to leave the house. I've tried lots of tricks, including a bin that the kids can just throw them into right by the door, but nothing works. Maybe I should just duct tape them right onto the coats.

So the Christmas tree trimming is tonight and tomorrow is the kids program at Sunday School. I teach the preschool/kindergarten group, who are singing the old standard Away In a Manger, complete with motions. It's cute, as small people usually are.

Today I need to go in and do a bunch of work I wasn't able to get done this week, all things needing done by tomorrow for church. Should be pretty exciting and hopefully there won't be too many snags. Hopefully.

This blog is really boring, and I so need to get some pics up, at least if I get a post up it helps, right? RIGHT?!?

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