Sunday, September 28, 2008


I love my cats. I really do, I am happy we have them and the whole family loves them and it has helped one of my sons get over his fear of animals to have them in our lives.

BUT. Last night, fairly late I heard a loud noise. I thought it was my husband and paid no attention. An hour or so later I got up as I suddenly remembered I needed to dry our clothes for this morning. As I walk into my kitchen I am smelling a perfumey sort of smell, like dryer sheets, so I follow the smell and why is the laundry room floor blue and WHAT IN THE HELL?!!?

My laundry room is a sea of detergent. The brand new just opened bottle of detergent is laying on its side on the floor with the cap off and it is now EMPTY. I stood there with my mouth open just staring at this gigantic mess, this waste of an ENTIRE bottle of laundry detergent.

I decided to ignore it and go back to bed. If I started cleaning it up I would be up all damn night and I had to get up early this morning and it would keep. I tried to think it would be easier if it were more solidified anyhow. I mean the floor in there is old anyway and it just isn't worth it.

Damn cats.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

And again with the gone forever!

Finally, here again. Blah blah with the whole school started life is nuts still getting house together illness stuff, etc.

As a special gift I will post the master bathroom pictures. I do not have the pictures of it finished, it is now bright yellow and I will probably change it when I get enough energy to tackle it again.

Here it is, with the lovely border and sponge painting:

And shells which were hot glued around the top of the wall and all around the shower:

Some of the many tools used for removal and cleaning as well as odor control (odor control was most important at first):

No more border, thanks Dif and my handy dandy scraper!

The shell graveyard, also a shot of the really yucky carpet. The black around the edges is dog hair from the Newfoundland:

Yeah, seriously gross carpet. You can see why we were wore shoes in this part of the house.

And the shells are gone! They were stuck on fairly well, until I sprayed them with Dif, let them soak, and voila! they popped right off.

And finally, covered in primer. Whew. I had some yellow so I muted it quite a bit with white and it ended up still being VERY bright. Eventually I will repaint, but again, there is still so much that needs tackling it may be ten years before I get to it.

So, there you are, the bathroom redo. We also painted the bottom cupboards, which were a very dark wood, with a light, light brown. Much better.