Sunday, September 16, 2012

If you haven't heard this song yet

here you go.

Tenth Avenue North is one of my favorite bands. They are incredible live and I highly recommend you run out and buy their albums and see them if they come anywhere near you. Beautiful music and a beautiful message.

I love their new album The Struggle, and this was my favorite song until I heard "Worn" which I heard for the first time at Lifelight live. Unbelievable. Comforting. So true. Anyhow, happy Sunday :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

I have my computer back!

I'm one of those fortunate people who has a father that fixes computers (among many other wondrous things) and thankfully he fixed mine! A new power supply was what was needed and he installed it.

I haven't used my computer in two years. We moved in with my husband's parents and most of our belongings went into storage, included the monitor and power cords and keyboard and mouse and all those other things you need for your desktop computer. We didn't really have a place to set up the computer while we all shared the house, so I told my dad it was definitely not a rush job and remained thankful that I have an iPhone and later a Kindle Fire. However, things like no word processing program or printer or human finger size keyboard held us back from all sorts of computer exploits and enjoyment.

Finally, this week, the computer was fixed! We were so excited. Until we remembered that the monitor and everything else was SOMEWHERE in our storage unit. Tonight the kids and I tackled the issue. We hadn't been to our storage unit for a few months, which was evident upon opening the door as were hit with cobwebs and dust and startled crickets. We forged ahead. Climbing over boxes, moving things, opening containers and said boxes in search of our lost computer support pieces we found ourselves sweaty and dirty and unable to even find the massive 22 inch NON FLAT SCREEN monitor or the box containing the rest.

We continued, determined. I spotted the monitor. The girls had thought the behemoth was actually a tv, not realizing it was the MASSIVE monitor I purchased ages ago from Tech Truck, barely able to carry it to the car. After much sweating and contortionist positions we excavated it and I got it into the back of our Pacifica.

We still hadn't found the long lost box of computer accessories. We opened everything, moving endless boxes and taking breaks to get a breather outside of the dusty and hot storage garage. In spite of our best efforts the box was not to be found.

So we went to Walmart and then Best Buy and more money than I'd like to have spent later we had what we needed-minus speakers. Just carrying the monitor into the house did me in (why did this have to be the week Joe is out of town?) so we took a break for dinner and lounging and wine-drinking (that part was just for me, I hope that's obvious.)

After dinner we tackled moving the desk back to the living room and other things out of the way and I set to work. The kids were excited, trying to decide who would have the first turn. They failed to realize that after 2 years of non-use this old machine needed more than a few updates.

I'm only about halfway through updating, but I had to stop to actually type a post to my blog and revel in using a REGULAR KEYBOARD! And having a GIANT SCREEN to read my words on. Oh computer, how we've missed you!