Sunday, October 31, 2004

Progress Report

I thought I would do a project progress thingy once a week, and since I am watching Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents while working on my scarf, today is the day! Here are my current projects:

Dishcloth turned scarf-1/4 finished, but going fairly quickly. I did have to take out about 3 rows as I had missed a stitch, grrr.

Felted bag-hmmm, a little less than 1/4 finished, I am still working on the bottom. This one has been on the back burner.

Girls ponchos-the yarn is still all snuggled in the bag, I am a little intimidated by this one.

Boys hats-I had one started, but it looks more like babydoll size. Small babydoll size. I may finish it at this size for the girls to play with.

Baby afghan-around 3/4 finished. Now I have the motivation to finish it. I had started it a couple years ago-isn't that sad? But the yarn I was using was discontinued, I found some on ebay a few months ago-HOORAY!-so now I will be able to finish it.

Assorted afghans-have been sitting in closets for years now. I just don't have any motivation as they don't have the quick gratification of small projects.

Alrighty, I think that is it. Think being the key word there. I am not always the greatest at thinking.

My hands are really stiff and sore, I'm sure it's because I've been crocheting so much, but sheesh, it's frustating to stop for that. I am trying to convince myself that if I work through it they may get better.

Oh and
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Dishcloth turned scarf. Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Oh how could I forget this!!

Huge news, and I completely forgot to post, sheesh!

I found out this past week that my sister is going to have a baby! :) I am so very excited, this will be first neice or nephew from my family, I do have a nephew on Joe's side. I am so happy for her, she has PCOS and was told she would need help to conceive, so this was quite a surprise. The baby should be due in March, and two of my children felt they should name him/her. Here are their choices:
Power James
Power Ranger

You've gotta love it, I'm just sure my sis will want to use one of them! ;)

Now I can finish a baby afghan I had started, and look into making something else cute and small and cuddly.


Birthdays are tiring. I had a great day yesterday, lots of fun. The kids stayed with my parents overnight, and Mr. Blue and I had a great night out.

This morning was a little scary, Ari fell out of the van and hit her head on a retaining wall. She is just fine now, but wow it was bad, my poor kiddo. :( She has a big scraped up knot on her forehead, but is otherwise okay. Very scary.

Mr. Blue's mom took the kids for the day today, and after we had made sure Ari was alright and given her lots of love and hugs and just hung out for awhile, we went to lunch all by ourselves and came home and NAPPED. Very, very relaxing. I definitely needed a day just to rest.

I did go yesterday and picked up more yarn for my dishcloth turned scarf. My hands have been sore today, so I haven't gotten much done, hoping to work on it a bit tonight.

Halloween tomorrow! I love Halloween, can't wait to take the kiddos out, we mainly hit family houses and some close friends. We'll end up at the inlaws for dinner and fun with them. Should be a good time!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

It's officially my 29th birthday

Yippee. :)

I am up waiting for laundry to finish so I can throw it into the dryer, what a great start to my birthday.

I've been working on the dishcloth, but as I held it up today to look at its size, I started thinking that it would be a really nice, soft scarf. So, tomorrow I will try to run back up to Walmart for some more of this yarn. Creativity abounds!

Work was very rough today, crazy busy and I had to do a lot of physical work, blech. I am WIPED! I also got caught doing some mild smack talking about one of my bosses, something I NEVER do. Thankfully she knows me and we were able to joke it away. Whew. I was more complaining because she had done a lot of stuff to make extra work for me, which is fine, but in the process sprayed some cleaner on the floor out front, which is incredibly slippery. It was up to me to try to fix this, on a rainy, humid day. Seems simple, but I woke up stiff and sore and hurting, and the last thing I needed was 3 times my normal workload. Tomorrow I am out front waitressing, so that will be a little less dirty work.

The girls have their Halloween party at school tomorrow, as well as a read-in. I'm going for the costume parade, and the read-in and heading into work after it. I'm really looking forward to being able to hang out with them. After work, I'm going to hit happy hour with some of my coworkers, then Mr. Blue and I will get cleaned up to go to dinner, and then to a Halloween show with a bunch of bands. It should be a lot of fun, especially since the kids will be with my parents overnight. Happy Birthday to Me!

Now I'm off to the dryer, and then to crash. Night.

Here is the dishcloth I started yesterday.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Yes, yes, it's another post.

So I snuck out for a bit of time to myself after taking my son to preschool. Off to Walmart I went, because of the giftcard, that I later realized was NOT in my backpack, and I can only assume that it was secretly stolen by my two year old. For some reason the child is OBSESSED with my backpack. No matter where it is, he will hunt it down, open it, and take things out. Sometimes he empties it, other times he goes for key items. Apparently my Walmart gift card was one of them. I suppose I should be happy that he's smart and took something valuable, but really, he just probably thinks it looks neat. So, now I will need to hunt it down. Should be fun.

I did get some birthday money from my grandparents along with a very nice card, which totally made me smile this morning. :) So, I decided to actually spend my birthday money on me. Normally it goes for something really fun, like diapers.

My good friend V suggested I get a new backpack/purse and then trick Big C (said 2 year old) by leaving some things in it. The hope is he will be distracted by the old bag, and leave the new one alone. While this is a great strategy, I will not get my hopes up as the child is devious and sneaky. Off to the accessories section I went, and after much perusing (of course to make sure my wallet, cell phone, planner, diapers, and of course a small crochet project will fit in it) I finally found one. And, only $9.88! Right up my alley, black, lots of pockets and room, and CHEAP! WOOHOO!

Next I was off to the craft section. Ah the yarn. It is WalMart, but still, a yarn whore-especially a cheap one-can find yummy yarns there. I looked around and settled on a hook I don't have and a skein of Peaches & Cream yarn, in Sea Mist. I've wanted to make dishcloths, so I am going for it. Of course I started one today, all while my bag sits lonely and dejected and the girls poncho yarns are grumpily waiting in their Joann's shopping bag.

It's always good to have few projects for variety though, right?

Oh yes, I'm a yarn whore.

For so long I have used plain old ordinary yarns. Mainly Red Heart, acrylics and baby fingering. I did branch out once for some fun stuff, but that was it.

Until now. Ebay is such a beautiful thing, but sadly it is just feeding my addiction. I have bought some fun yarn there, the wool I am using for my bag, and recently some other yummy stuff. I have some gorgeous black yarn coming that I am hoping to make myself a poncho with. Some Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, in pumpkin and blue is in the mail as we speak, headed my way. I am not sure what I will use it for yet, but I LOVE the colors. When all of my yarn is here, I want to make a big pile of my stash and just roll around in it. The problem will be finding a time where my husband and kids are gone so they can't interrupt the fun. I suppose I would also have to keep the resulting projects all for myself, as it may creep someone out to have a purse made out of yarn I rolled around on.

I also have a $20 gift card for WalMart, I was looking at books, but I am thinking I will go and buy some more crochet hooks. As if I don't have enough, BUT I know I do not have every size. It's either that or one of those foot spas. I suppose it will all depend on how tired my feet are when I actually make it to WalMart.

One of the girls is home sick today, poor kiddo. :( She was pretty brokenhearted about having to stay home, while her sister went off to school. I'm hoping that this love for school will continue for a VERY long time, and rub off on her brothers as well. Taking the day off ended up being a very good thing. I do keep looking around my house at everything I should be doing and getting caught up on, but here I sit all comfy in my computer chair, my bag in front of me. Mr. Blue is still not back from the John Kerry rally. I made him take the digi cam, hopefully he was able to bring it in and get a pic. I'll need to live vicariously though him.

I worry that I am not very entertaining in this blog. I read other's blogs and am just sucked in and loving to read them. Mine seems very lame compared to them. Maybe the kids will do something funny for me to post about it. I'm sure it won't be long, life is always full of craziness here in Casa Blue.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I found some cute pics of my guys, wearing the hats, so here they are. This is my older son. Posted by Hello

Here is my youngest, modeling his sister's hat and coat. These are the same hats, pictured on the girls below. Posted by Hello

Trying not to fall asleep

in my chair. These are the days when I wish my husband and I didn't work opposite shifts. I did a ton of physical work today and I am wiped out, I'm now hoping my kids will be nice tonight and go to bed easily. Do not hold your breath.

I have been trying to work on my bag tonight, but everytime I pick it up my two year old is either on my lap or climbing on something else. Yippee. The girls were asking last night if I would make their ponchos. I am a little scared to even start, as I don't want to mess them up. Of course, Arenne also thinks that it will be done in one day, so the pressure is really on now. ;) I took tomorrow off and Mr. Blue is going to see John Kerry speak. I am extremely jealous of him, so I will get my revenge by crocheting and avoiding housework. So there. Thinking maybe I will start the ponchos tomorrow, with only 2 kids home, and 1 in the afternoon!

I should add it's actually the Susan Komen foundation, thanks to a friend for pointing out my mistake. I tried to edit my earlier post but it wasn't working, so I've given up and am posting it here.

Monday, October 25, 2004

So I've started a crochet blog

Yeehaw! I finally decided to start this, and keep track of my projects, mainly to remind me of what I've actually finished, and what still needs to be done. I definitely can use the motivation.

My name is Lisa, I am 28, will be 29 on the 29! and am the married mom of four kids, my twin girls who are 5, and my boys who are 4 and 2. I work part time for a local restaurant, as a waitress and also do kitchen prep-basically the dirty work. ;) I've been crocheting for around 10 years, but everything was made up off the top of my head. I had been taught some basic things, and went from that. I have finally decided to brave actual patterns!

I recently made hats for my girls for winter, the first one started out as an adult hat for a friend of mine who shaved her head to make money for the Susan J. Komen breast cancer walk, but it was a TAD bit too small. I made a second and they are the right size for my 5 year old twins. :) This is the first pattern I have ever used.

Once I figure out how to add pictures here I will add some.

I am working on a bag now, that I plan on felting, I bought my yarn from ebay and am using this pattern:

So far I am still working on the bottom of it, but I haven't been really devoting a lot of time to it yet. My hands don't always feel like cooperating either.

Bottom of my bag-the bottom will be all blue, and I plan on using the green for stripes. This will be my first felting attempt, aside from my test swatch. Posted by Hello

Ari and Abs in their hats :) Posted by Hello