Saturday, October 30, 2004


Birthdays are tiring. I had a great day yesterday, lots of fun. The kids stayed with my parents overnight, and Mr. Blue and I had a great night out.

This morning was a little scary, Ari fell out of the van and hit her head on a retaining wall. She is just fine now, but wow it was bad, my poor kiddo. :( She has a big scraped up knot on her forehead, but is otherwise okay. Very scary.

Mr. Blue's mom took the kids for the day today, and after we had made sure Ari was alright and given her lots of love and hugs and just hung out for awhile, we went to lunch all by ourselves and came home and NAPPED. Very, very relaxing. I definitely needed a day just to rest.

I did go yesterday and picked up more yarn for my dishcloth turned scarf. My hands have been sore today, so I haven't gotten much done, hoping to work on it a bit tonight.

Halloween tomorrow! I love Halloween, can't wait to take the kiddos out, we mainly hit family houses and some close friends. We'll end up at the inlaws for dinner and fun with them. Should be a good time!

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