Monday, October 25, 2004

So I've started a crochet blog

Yeehaw! I finally decided to start this, and keep track of my projects, mainly to remind me of what I've actually finished, and what still needs to be done. I definitely can use the motivation.

My name is Lisa, I am 28, will be 29 on the 29! and am the married mom of four kids, my twin girls who are 5, and my boys who are 4 and 2. I work part time for a local restaurant, as a waitress and also do kitchen prep-basically the dirty work. ;) I've been crocheting for around 10 years, but everything was made up off the top of my head. I had been taught some basic things, and went from that. I have finally decided to brave actual patterns!

I recently made hats for my girls for winter, the first one started out as an adult hat for a friend of mine who shaved her head to make money for the Susan J. Komen breast cancer walk, but it was a TAD bit too small. I made a second and they are the right size for my 5 year old twins. :) This is the first pattern I have ever used.

Once I figure out how to add pictures here I will add some.

I am working on a bag now, that I plan on felting, I bought my yarn from ebay and am using this pattern:

So far I am still working on the bottom of it, but I haven't been really devoting a lot of time to it yet. My hands don't always feel like cooperating either.

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Laura said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I still need to get with the pictures but am too busy crafting. When your baby gets to be five like mine is, you will have a lot more time for handwork then you do now :)

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