Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Yes, yes, it's another post.

So I snuck out for a bit of time to myself after taking my son to preschool. Off to Walmart I went, because of the giftcard, that I later realized was NOT in my backpack, and I can only assume that it was secretly stolen by my two year old. For some reason the child is OBSESSED with my backpack. No matter where it is, he will hunt it down, open it, and take things out. Sometimes he empties it, other times he goes for key items. Apparently my Walmart gift card was one of them. I suppose I should be happy that he's smart and took something valuable, but really, he just probably thinks it looks neat. So, now I will need to hunt it down. Should be fun.

I did get some birthday money from my grandparents along with a very nice card, which totally made me smile this morning. :) So, I decided to actually spend my birthday money on me. Normally it goes for something really fun, like diapers.

My good friend V suggested I get a new backpack/purse and then trick Big C (said 2 year old) by leaving some things in it. The hope is he will be distracted by the old bag, and leave the new one alone. While this is a great strategy, I will not get my hopes up as the child is devious and sneaky. Off to the accessories section I went, and after much perusing (of course to make sure my wallet, cell phone, planner, diapers, and of course a small crochet project will fit in it) I finally found one. And, only $9.88! Right up my alley, black, lots of pockets and room, and CHEAP! WOOHOO!

Next I was off to the craft section. Ah the yarn. It is WalMart, but still, a yarn whore-especially a cheap one-can find yummy yarns there. I looked around and settled on a hook I don't have and a skein of Peaches & Cream yarn, in Sea Mist. I've wanted to make dishcloths, so I am going for it. Of course I started one today, all while my bag sits lonely and dejected and the girls poncho yarns are grumpily waiting in their Joann's shopping bag.

It's always good to have few projects for variety though, right?

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