Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Trying not to fall asleep

in my chair. These are the days when I wish my husband and I didn't work opposite shifts. I did a ton of physical work today and I am wiped out, I'm now hoping my kids will be nice tonight and go to bed easily. Do not hold your breath.

I have been trying to work on my bag tonight, but everytime I pick it up my two year old is either on my lap or climbing on something else. Yippee. The girls were asking last night if I would make their ponchos. I am a little scared to even start, as I don't want to mess them up. Of course, Arenne also thinks that it will be done in one day, so the pressure is really on now. ;) I took tomorrow off and Mr. Blue is going to see John Kerry speak. I am extremely jealous of him, so I will get my revenge by crocheting and avoiding housework. So there. Thinking maybe I will start the ponchos tomorrow, with only 2 kids home, and 1 in the afternoon!

I should add it's actually the Susan Komen foundation, thanks to a friend for pointing out my mistake. I tried to edit my earlier post but it wasn't working, so I've given up and am posting it here.

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