Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I promise more pics soon!

Between the house, kids, work, and other activities I haven't had much extra time. I've then had to spend a lot of time recuperating from doing waaaaaay too much lately, my body was not very happy with me for a few days there.

We FINALLY have our carpet in upstairs, thank goodness. Now will be moving things into the bedroom. It is going to be so nice having bedrooms and beds and space and doors that can close. 6 people in three rooms for this long is a little wearing.

I can't wait to have dressers again.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The temporary kid play area, Arenne, Colin, & Abbie intently using it.

The Living Room, new couch hasn't been delivered yet:

The dining room, currently a storage area and where the Wii is, Drew is found here often.

The other side of the dining room, again storage for now.

The laundry room:


The master bathroom, will be painted. We've torn out that weird sliding curtain thing and I am in the middle of epoxying the shower/tub surround.

even more pictures

This is the dog run in the backyard, the shed is pretty old, and there is concrete along with that lovely green umbrella.

We had this dumpster delivered as we knew there'd be lots of carpet and things thrown out. We filled maybe a fourth of it and let the former owners use it as they moved out (this saved us from having to throw it out ourselves). They filled the rest.

Natural Vegetation, yeah.

Side view of the deck, the tire and wood was left. The pvc piping was put up to hold an awning, we'll be removing it.

Very tall birdhouse

The skeery basement

Next are pics of the basement, which had been annihilated by a very large Newfoundland and a small pooping and peeing everywhere dog. We still have one room to tear carpet out of and a lot more bleaching and cleaning. We're going to put a sealer paint down
on the floor. This is waiting while we finish the main floor.

Here are the stairs going down:

One of the best parts, rows of shelves!

Some things they left:

My Future Craft Room!

The absolute worst, very horrifying room, you are looking at dog hair, pee, and poop along with mold-which was thankfully on the surface of the wall. This carpet is now gone, as is the mold.

Eventually this will be the playroom, after much work. This carpet is also going, and there was surface mold here as well, it has been removed. All of that is stuff they left, although we don't mind the treadmill and big screen tv.

Once again, all they left. We have lots of extra paint now, although most of it has now been painted over.

The work are next to the shelves, a better part of the basement.

As promised...pics!

First, the outside, we have a lot of work to do with the gardens and the outside needs painted, but the yard is huge and perfect for the kiddos:

Saturday, July 05, 2008

we've finally made it out of the ghetto!

We're officially in our new house. In case I have not clarified before, our old neighborhood was not an actual ghetto, but it is full of duplexes with a lot of people crammed into a small area. As it is mostly rentals you have a mix of people who care about where they live and those who definitely do not. We're in a smallish town in the midwest, its as ghetto as towns like ours get.

We've been renting for the entire eleven years of our marriage and are so very happy to FINALLY be in our own place. Thankfully the house has cleaned up much better than expected and the awful, horrible dog pee smell is confined to two rooms in the basement, which we're tearing the carpet out of. I'd love to power-wash them with bleach, but regular old scrubbing and mopping with bleach will have to do.

New carpet for the bedrooms and hallway upstairs will be (hopefully) installed at the end of the week, I'll be painting this week. Also painting the shower/tub in the main bath with epoxy and I just might have killed a few of my much needed brain cells with the fumes.

For now all six of us are living in three rooms of the house; living, dining, and kitchen-along with using the bathrooms. Yes, we're living like squatters. It's tight, but will be worth it once the carpet is in and we can move in all the furniture.

Too tired now, but promise pictures soon!