Saturday, July 12, 2008

The skeery basement

Next are pics of the basement, which had been annihilated by a very large Newfoundland and a small pooping and peeing everywhere dog. We still have one room to tear carpet out of and a lot more bleaching and cleaning. We're going to put a sealer paint down
on the floor. This is waiting while we finish the main floor.

Here are the stairs going down:

One of the best parts, rows of shelves!

Some things they left:

My Future Craft Room!

The absolute worst, very horrifying room, you are looking at dog hair, pee, and poop along with mold-which was thankfully on the surface of the wall. This carpet is now gone, as is the mold.

Eventually this will be the playroom, after much work. This carpet is also going, and there was surface mold here as well, it has been removed. All of that is stuff they left, although we don't mind the treadmill and big screen tv.

Once again, all they left. We have lots of extra paint now, although most of it has now been painted over.

The work are next to the shelves, a better part of the basement.

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