Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas treeeee!

Our new plan for decorating the tree is to use the soft, unbreakable ornaments we have and crafty paper ornaments made by the children. They are working diligently as I type on snowmen and bulbs and other more abstract ones (the four year old's) and happily hanging them on the tree. Much better than the glass bulbs the kittens will break because even though the water thing is working, they are still small kittens who forget they have learned to stay out of it.

Today was the kids' program at church, the boys were tentative but ended up doing it and my father was roped into playing Santa Claus, amazingly none of the kids realized it was him. I was for sure at least one of them would notice he looked a lot like Grandpa. Very fun and VERY cute, especially the littlest who was very outgoing with the microphone. He would say his first word quite loudly and the rest in a normal voice after a little hesitation. The crazy part is that I grew up in the same church and it is really weird to be the parent and not the kid in the play.

I CANNOT wait for my sisters and brother and brother in law and boyfriend in law and the little NEPHEW MAN to get here. One week, well for all except the sister and boyfriend in law, they will be spending Christmas in Canada with his family and get here on the 27th, hooray! I am so excited.

I worked a bit more on the colorful squares, now I am trying to decide how to join them and if I will indeed make a table runner out of them. Pretty sure I am, but I always get these crazy ideas in my head which I should just know to ignore but of course never do. I need to just make myself sit down and finish!

Dear Santa, for Christmas what I would like, aside from time with my family and those fun frog massager things at Walmart and new comfy pj's I would like for my digital camera to work again. Or to somehow get a fabulous new one.

Thank you! Fly safe!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well, the tree is up

but only has a couple ornaments on it. The kittens have decided it is a giant cat playground. We have taken to squirting them with water to get them down and away and for the most part it's working. They are little kid cats though and sometimes it is just too tempting. Also, the lights on it are sort of wonky-it's a pre-lit fake tree which I fought for awhile until we received it as a gift-and we've only used it once or twice so I'm thinking it's from being cramped up in storage. I'm still working on it.

Last night the husband and I were able to pawn the children off on my parents to sneak off to do some shopping (and go to a wine-tasting and dinner YAY!) We were able to get a really good chunk of gift buying done, so I am feeling a tad bit more prepared. We had a lot of fun picking out toys and stuff and I can't wait to get them out and play with them. I was thinking of taking the kids shopping for gifts for their cousins and grandparents but the thought of even shopping on a Saturday this close to Christmas makes me want to scream, much less with four children in tow. We'll just wait until next week and go an even more insane week night when I drag the husband with.

On a sadder note I think I left my scarf at the youngest's Christmas program, I need call the place and his daycare to see if anyone has found it. I love my purple scarf that matches my hat. The husband said "Well you can always make a new one." I DON'T WANT A NEW ONE! A friend said I should go with that and buy myself some really nice yarn to make it with-you told me to make a new one. ;) Hopefully it will turn up.

Today I think we will hang out at home, I'll catch up on laundry and hopefully get some knitting or crocheting in. Much better than braving stores anyday.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Apparently I have

not been keeping up again. The Hawkeye scarf was finished the very next day after that post, and given to the littlest man in our house and he LOVES it. Myself I wanted to take it out and start over but he was NOT having that and loves it and really is warm and soft and Hawkeye-ish. It's his and he loves it, so who can ask for more?

Otherwise I am trying to work on a new purse for myself, and the square bright colored project continues. I am thankful that so faar I have not done that last minute OH I MUST MAKE ____ for _____, or I would be MUCH more stressed.

And the cats are hopping and flipping all over my living room and it is really very funny.

Christmas, GAH! My work Christmas party is this week, wheee. I am making my olive pasta for the pot-luck, have been doing fun Secret Santa gifts and just need to get a few more things for the "final gift." So that's that.

As for the rest of my Christmas doings I am on schedule to be madly behind. As usual. Gift buying will begin in earnest this weekend, and hopefully we will get the tree and decorations up this week. Wheeeee!

As for the yarn type things, I will do what I can and hopefully not be sucked into some mad last minute thing that will drive me insane and keep me up until the wee hours nights in a row (as in last year and the year before, and well you get the idea). Hopefully.