Monday, December 11, 2006

Apparently I have

not been keeping up again. The Hawkeye scarf was finished the very next day after that post, and given to the littlest man in our house and he LOVES it. Myself I wanted to take it out and start over but he was NOT having that and loves it and really is warm and soft and Hawkeye-ish. It's his and he loves it, so who can ask for more?

Otherwise I am trying to work on a new purse for myself, and the square bright colored project continues. I am thankful that so faar I have not done that last minute OH I MUST MAKE ____ for _____, or I would be MUCH more stressed.

And the cats are hopping and flipping all over my living room and it is really very funny.

Christmas, GAH! My work Christmas party is this week, wheee. I am making my olive pasta for the pot-luck, have been doing fun Secret Santa gifts and just need to get a few more things for the "final gift." So that's that.

As for the rest of my Christmas doings I am on schedule to be madly behind. As usual. Gift buying will begin in earnest this weekend, and hopefully we will get the tree and decorations up this week. Wheeeee!

As for the yarn type things, I will do what I can and hopefully not be sucked into some mad last minute thing that will drive me insane and keep me up until the wee hours nights in a row (as in last year and the year before, and well you get the idea). Hopefully.

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