Monday, May 08, 2006

Where to start?

First, if you have not heard Bo Bice's new album The Real Thing you absolutely must. How can you not love the man? Especially as a child of the 70's and seeing someone our age really embody that whole era and musical style but in a great now way. He rocked on Craig Ferguson tonight.

There's another one, Craig Ferguson. Words cannot describe the hilarity and just all around Scottish goodness of him. Even when I really should be getting some sleep I have to stay up. (okay yes I have the DVR but for God's sake that would require planning or some sort of setting it up ahead of time. This is ME we're talking about.)

The rest of my life is kids and husband and work. I am so thirty. My children are growing up so fast it really is scary, my husband and I are rediscovering each other and finding ourselves again after having survived babyhoodx4, and I just might be actually figuring out my new job. Jeebus that's all pretty responsible, eh? To make you feel better I'm doing it all still wearing my striped socks, Vans or Cons, and throwing in a band t-shirt every now and then. And rocking my jiap bumper sticker on the jeep. Mostly I am just thirty though. ;)

Tonight the husband and I made dinner together while my much-loved mom had the kids at swimming lessons (seriously twice a week the woman takes them to swimming lessons and out for dinner, you HAVE to love that.) Steak in a mushroom sauce, penne in vodka sauce, some delicious Italian bread, and red wine. Heaven, I tell you.

My family's Biggest Loser challenge ended a week ago, my aunt won, deservedly so. I ended up losing 9lbs overall which isn't shocking or anything, but the fact that I just revised what I ate a bit and did little to no exercising makes it pretty damn good. We took a week off and are starting again. Good thing the steak/pasta/bread meal was tonight, eh?

Yarn, I haven't got much. I made some wrap skirts for Abbie & Arenne's Groovy Girls dolls and we have more planned-doll clothes may be the new addiction if I can find the time. I MUST finish my grandma's purse handle and get the purse to her, for crying out loud. There is just NO time lately. Sad, sad, sad.

There's the update if anyone ever even checks this blog anymore lol. I am way behind on my own blog reading, I seriously wish I had internet at work. Sigh.

Hope you are all well.