Thursday, September 25, 2008

And again with the gone forever!

Finally, here again. Blah blah with the whole school started life is nuts still getting house together illness stuff, etc.

As a special gift I will post the master bathroom pictures. I do not have the pictures of it finished, it is now bright yellow and I will probably change it when I get enough energy to tackle it again.

Here it is, with the lovely border and sponge painting:

And shells which were hot glued around the top of the wall and all around the shower:

Some of the many tools used for removal and cleaning as well as odor control (odor control was most important at first):

No more border, thanks Dif and my handy dandy scraper!

The shell graveyard, also a shot of the really yucky carpet. The black around the edges is dog hair from the Newfoundland:

Yeah, seriously gross carpet. You can see why we were wore shoes in this part of the house.

And the shells are gone! They were stuck on fairly well, until I sprayed them with Dif, let them soak, and voila! they popped right off.

And finally, covered in primer. Whew. I had some yellow so I muted it quite a bit with white and it ended up still being VERY bright. Eventually I will repaint, but again, there is still so much that needs tackling it may be ten years before I get to it.

So, there you are, the bathroom redo. We also painted the bottom cupboards, which were a very dark wood, with a light, light brown. Much better.

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