Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My son is hilarious.

The Sunday School Christmas Program went very well, the kids were all very cute and did a great job. My older three had speaking parts, and for the older son this was the first Sunday School program he actually participated in. He is now 7 and has ADAMANTLY refused in years past. This year he VOLUNTEERED for a speaking part and did it very well. I was shocked and very, very proud. The girls had a speaking part each and one together, which was really adorable. Also funny was Arenne nudging Abbie over over to the correct spot. The nudging was really close to a shove and got some laughter from the audience.

My Sunday School class was very cute and adorable and did really well. My youngest was one of the loud singing microphone lovers and even threw his hands up in a ta-daa fashion at the end.

Still, the funniest moment was while we were sitting and watching and Colin, who was wearing black pants, black vest, white button up shirt, and tie, turned to the kid next to him and said quietly, "Do I look like a waitress?"

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