Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am officially sick with a cold, which is no good when you have no immune system. I am becoming very, very growly and I do not want to have any obligations, but as I have a family and a job and it is almost Christmas obligations abound. I will need to call for another antibiotic to hopefully fix this latest illness.

And, my dryer has stopped working. Upon searching the internets I have diagnosed it as a dryer door switch problem. According to the fix it sites this is a fairly simple repair. According to my history and handy chick learning it will not be at all simple. It will be something I would start and then totally jack up and get frustrated with. Why is my husband not handier? He is on the bad list at the moment because I found that he has taken ALL of the tools from MY toolbox and put them somewhere that is NOT my toolbox and I cannot even find a screwdriver at the moment. The power drill is dead and the battery charger is MIA. I am highly irritated by all of this and it is not at all good to not have a working dryer with four children in the house.

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Venus said...

Oh that is BEYOND not good! There would be some seriously stiff penalties for that crap,