Sunday, July 24, 2005

I've just finished

One-hit Wonder by Lisa Jewell. I am now a tremendous fan of Lisa Jewell, so much so that immediately upon finishing the book I had to find her online. Happily I see she has other books and I absolutely cannot wait to read them.

This book is one of those that burrowed into my soul. An emotional, normal, touching, incredible, human sort of book. Words can't describe how much I enjoyed reading it.

I highly suggest that all of my four readers go out and buy at least one of her books. Or more. Definitely more. I can't wait for more.


Cassie said...

Five readers. You have 5! LOL!

Lisa said...

LOL Thanks! Good to have another. :)

Rebecca said...

hey hey - did you count me!?!

i passed on the name to my sis. she reads books and then passes them on to me. she swears i was smarter before children :)... just trying to keep me "cultured" she says - hee heee, cracks me up

Jewels said...

I'll have to check out this author. I'm doing lots of summer reading now & my vacation is soon so lots more soon!