Friday, July 01, 2005

The Blue Family

is off on vacation tomorrow, for an entire week! I am currently in a mad state of packing and cleaning, buzzing around in a cloud of OCD anxiety. Yeehaw! We leave very early in the morning, I must have everything packed by this evening, as we are going to my parents to see my grandparents once more before they head out and we head out. We are also squeezing in a trip to Target for some more old man pants for me, as I've grown out of everything I own. My dad warned me this would happen around 30, and he sure was right.

Of course along with clothes packing, yarn and project and book packing is as essential-if not more, heck we have a washer and dryer where we are heading. What to pick to bring along? Something portable, something that I can really settle in with. Thank goodness for my fabulous yarn tote!

Hopefully after the madness of packing, cleaning, and enduring a looooong car trip with four kids and assorted in-laws the rest of the week will be fun and relaxing.

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