Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The air conditioner lives!

Mr. Blue spent Sunday powerwashing our ginormous window air conditioner and cool air once again flows through the front of the house. Aaaaaaah. In fact, it's on low right now and it feels COLD in here.

My mother-in-law is on her way over to help out with the kids and take them while I go to therapy. Thank goodness she's a mental health nurse and understands, I'd hate to be the daughter-in-law of someone who has no understanding of crazy people type things. I should be picking up the living room, cleaning the bathroom, and showering but here I sit, typing away and working on the star blanket rug. I am *almost* out of yarn, pray for me there is enough left to finish this last row as it looks like a good place to stop and I'd have to go buy more of this brown yarn. I also want to be done with this thing. I am still working on the i-cord for the ipod case. Usually I am an i-cord fool and could keep knitting away at it until I have enough to wrap around the house twice, but for some reason I just can't get into this one. I really want to get this thing put together and felted and see if it works.

I still need to order the yarn for the big purse extravaganza and I need more cotton for the dishtowel in progress. I am also thinking of making my cousin some dishtowels and dishcloths to throw in with her wedding present-apparently she too has an affinity for them-but the deadline is end of July and I'm more of the procrastinate type. We'll see I guess!

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Rebecca said...

it is wonderful that your MIL is supportive for you! do you have one of those - semi-mechanical crank type i cord makers? i do - it's so much fun!!