Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ahhhh home

We are back, we had a fabulous time, and we have suntans. Sigh. What a great vacation, it was VERY NICE to get away, relax, swim, eat good food, and laugh. It was also nice to only have a small amount of clothing with us, meaning I would at most need to do a load or two every two days. Sigh. The 12 hour drive each way wasn't as enjoyable, but we made it and the kids were fairly good, all things considered. Drew is in love with Arkansas and the resort we go to, he hates leaving and is already talking about going back.

I took my handy dandy yarn tote along, worked on the star blanket and on the icord for my ipod case, but really I didn't even do as much of that as I had planned.

Now I have lots of catching up to do in blog land. Not to mention all the stuff that needs doing here at home.

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