Sunday, July 17, 2005

I've finished

the Half-Blood Prince, aaaah. I am still digesting and need to reread it to catch anything I may have missed in my hurry to devour it. It's hard to go slow after such a long wait!

Tremendous thunderstorms here tonight, as the sun set it was actually orange outside, the kids were all into that. Mr. Blue described as salmon colored. Well la di da! I started a scarf using my Debbie Bliss alpaca silk, on 13's. I have been dying to work with this yarn, keep checking patterns, wanted to do a scarf, then a shawl, then something fancier, but I only have 3 skeins. I went back to doing a simple scarf, the yarn is a dream to work with, VERY soft.

I am woefully behind on updating the links to the side, I'll have to catch up there soon, especially with books read and the projects I am working on. The blog follows real life, I am such a procrastinator.


Jennifa said...

How about the Vintage Velvet scarf in Scarf Style? I've seen it done in DB Alpaca Silk, and it's quite lovely.

The second or third scarf on this page is Vintage Velvet in the DB.

Rebecca said...

jump in my wagon - we'll procrasinate together! you see, i'm inflicted with startitis, my previous, finish-it syndrome, has seemingly cleared up and disappeared completely - dunno what happened :)
too much fabulous fiber, i guess

can't wait to see your scarf