Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I guess Colin thought

I needed some excitement in my life. Of the two year old sort.

I walked out of the bathroom to find him emptying an entire container of carpet deodorizer all over the kitchen and dining room floors. Apparently he was cleaning. I took him off to the bathroom, wiped him off and told him to wait for me to get him in the shower.

Drew-four-offered to help vacuum, he loves to vacuum. I swept up the kitchen and Drew went to work. I went back to C in the bathroom to find him covered in kid shampoo, half the bottle emptied onto the bathroom rug and floor. The two year old is soapy and looks up and says "I was washing my hands!" I guess they were really dirty. I put him in the shower and proceed to clean up the shampoo. As I am drying off the destructor child I hear the sounds of the vacuum sucking up something it should not be. I run out, and Drew tells me Colin's shirt is stuck in there. I turn off the vacuum, pull out the shirt and survey the damage.

Half wet two year old. Helpful four year old. Half of the powder still on the floor. A bathroom rug needing to be washed. And the entire house now smells like carpet deodorizer, orange kid shampoo, and burnt vacuum.


Nicole said...

I'm not laughing at you, honest. Hee.

GI said...

rofl too funny!

ahem, sorry. I meant how awful for you.
Sounds like a day in the life of the GI family. hehe

Lisa said...

Oh yeah, well laugh now...

Okay it is damn funny and even I was laughing by the end of the day. ;)