Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ohhhh laundry!

Oh how I love doing laundry, the endless laundry that comes with a six person household. Gazing at the ever growing pile of laundry that is overtaking the kitchen I am relieved that we decided four kids was enough, instead of the five or six I had originally wanted.

Whew. My main problem with laundry is getting it folded and put away. I start the laundry, get busy, throw it in a laundry basket or on a chair and plan to get to it later. Somehow I don't. Then it gets all wrinkled or tossed back into the dirty laundry and the washing process starts all over again. It also doesn't help that the kids are all about changing clothes numerous times a day, or thoughtfully pulling everything back out of their dressers and throwing it around their rooms.

I worked a tiny bit on the star blankie, and am doing the flower bag in bits, I usually carry it along with me when I go somewhere. I did have to rewind up the second ball of yarn, as the colors were going the wrong direction on it. That drives me up the wall, shouldn't they all be wound up the same way? Sheesh. There isn't too much more with the star blanket, I'm thinking about 5 more rows and it's finished. Can't wait to see it all done, with the ends weaved in.


Rebecca said...

omg, girl! you are not alone in the laundry soap saga - my 4 kids do the SAME thing... in and out of clothes... the load that got thrown on the couch so that i could go wipe someone's rear has suddenly become community mattress for the cats! and then there's the problem with the dryer taking longer than the wash.... but i'm preachin to choir, aren't i? :)

Heather said...

I hate laundry.

In my next life, I want to be rich enough to buy a new outfit on the way to work every morning! I will just throw the crap away at night! LOL

Bird feathers, seeds, dust, dogs,,,, and a stack of it all with the laundry on the couch or in the basket! UGH!!!