Monday, June 27, 2005

An i-cording we will go...

wheeee! Lots of i-cord happening here. :)

I've worked on a dishtowel I started-which I will need to get more yarn for-, the star rug, and the i-cord. Little bits of progress all around. I am not feeling all that well today, bleh, it's nice to have projects to distract me.

I made a lot of little headbands out of Sugar 'n Cream over the weekend, for family members who were visiting. They are so simple and easy, and work well. I kept trying to explain that they were really not that impressive. In big giganto news my aunt ordered SIX FELTED BAGS from me. WOOHOOOO! Very exciting. I have creative license on colors, should be fun. Can't wait to order all that wool.

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