Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nap time

I am in desperate need of a nap. What would be perfect would be a nap in a quiet, air-conditioned place. A soft, comfortable, quiet, air-conditioned place. It is currently 94 degrees here, humidity is at 48%. The monster window air-conditioner we have is not keeping up. At all really. My fan system is in failure. It's HOT in this house. It's a little over 80 degrees in here, opening windows does not help. The blinds and curtains are all closed to keep the sun out. Blech. I have picked up my living room three times and you would not know it. The kids broke a glass today, I cleaned that up. I scrubbed out the kitchen sink and am in the process of washing the monster load of dishes I put off. I have decided that while the finished dishes dry I will relax until it's time to put them away and start a new round. Oh for central air, a Dyson, and a dishwasher. Sigh.

I haven't gotten any knitting or crocheting done today. The booga bag is calling my name, I am hoping to work on it a bit tonight, if things ever settle down around here. The heat is definitely getting to the kids, who are grumpy and fighting, a lot, even more than usual. At the moment they are watching a video while I pretend to be doing the dishes. It's actually mostly quiet. I really wish I could just lay down for a nap.

I saw the eye doctor yesterday, apparently it is healing again. I woke up yesterday feeling a lot better, I could actually open it without dropping in a heap of excruitiating agony. Basically I am giving it another go, we'll give it another chance to heal on it's own. If it happens again I will more than likely be on my way to eye surgery land. *sob* I am terrified of any type of surgery, eye surgery completely eeks me out. Even the laser kind-which I believe is was mine would be. When the doctor explained what the surgery would essentially do I wanted to grab my bag and run screaming from the examining room. Thankfully I kept my composure and even managed a joke. I think I will see if they can throw in a complimentary vision correction procedure, in appreciation of all the business I've given them these last few months.

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