Saturday, June 25, 2005

Finally a break in the heat!

Seventy-two degrees today, aaaah. It's a rainy day, thunderstorms this morning. Perfect for crocheting and knitting. It is actually cool in my house! We aren't lolling around miserably today.

I've started the i-cord for the booga, and today am working on the star blanket. It is working up quickly with this ginormous hook. The chunky actually feels soft, instead of stiff like the other. I almost want to redo the other, but really.

Last night our friend opened his new liquor store. Mr. Blue and he did all the decorating, painting, flooring, etc. It really looks nice in there, they did an impressive job. Last night was wine tasting/sneak preview of the store and it went very well, a great turnout and really great sales! They set up the store well, in the back is the wine section, with tile floors, a few tall tables and lots of wine and champagne. I could sit and crochet there for awhile lol. They also added a front area, across from the counter, with a couch and a chair or two and tv for lounging. It's a comfortable place. I really hope things continue on a good path for him. We had a great time last night and tasted some really yummy wines. One, called White Lie, is apparently a low-carb wine. I was surprised to see it, apparently it's 2.9 carbs a glass or something like that. My father-in-law bought some for my mother-in-law, who is diabetic and has to be careful of her carbs. Should make her happy as she's had to give up a lot of the things she enjoys lately because of it.

I should be getting some things done today, but I am not motivated at all, and the kids are a little out of sorts due to a cold roaring through here. It'd be nice if I could just sit and crochet all day.


Heather said...

You are lucky! It was near to 90's here down south, and I swear and heat index of like 197! LOL

Glad you had a good day!

Emily said...

Rub it in! It's going to be 94 today. ugh