Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oh this eye

I need a trade-in, sheesh. Despite my best efforts of ointment in the eye every night, lots of eye drops during the day and being careful not to get anything into it, the scratch on my cornea has come open yet again. Sigh. I really sighed right there, while trying to think of what to say.

It was horrible this morning and now I have a puffy, swollen, yucky right eye and am having trouble getting much done today. Trying to continue the great laundry washing, and keep the kids from completely destroying the house. I kept it closed as much as I could earlier today, not an easy feat with four children running around. THANK YOU cartoons, you've saved the day.

We are also on day two of potty training the fourth child. I can't even begin to think of life without diapers, it's been 6 years straight with them. While I will seriously miss the cute little diaper butt, I will NOT miss cleaning that diaper butt. He's had some accidents, but also some triumphs and is way excited about it. A friend of ours brought him some new underwear, so he feels very important in them now. If we could only get him to put his legs in separate legholes we'd be off and running.


Heather said...

I hope your eye gets better! OUCHIE!!!

Congrats on the triumphs of the day with the potty training!

Rebecca said...

because you don't want to be running with both legs in the same hole!
praise be with ya girl... we did the diaper thing for 7 straight years - and now that my 2 yr old is potty trained... i could never do it again!
so sorry your eye is messin with ya... have you thought of getting a patch for it? that will help you to keep it closed.

Lisa said...

It's good to hear of others who have survived so many years of diapers. No patch so far, I've tried it a couple times, but I am usually better at keeping it closed on my own. Thanks :)

Heather said...

How is your eye doing?

Lisa said...

It's getting better, thank goodness and thanks for asking. :)