Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here's a shot of my progress on the spring bag. It really works up quickly, I just need to find more time for it! I am very close to abandoning the mil poncho and starting over with a new pattern. I am just not liking it and the frogging I need to do to it. I know I will probably pick it up again and want to finish. Sigh.

My next project is looking to be a cozy for my ipod mini. I've been looking at patterns all over the place, but thinking I will just make up my own. Posted by Hello


Heather said...

Im not too happy with the MIL poncho either. It is still staring me in the face! LOL

A few posts down you mentioned the Iowa heat/humidity... I have naturally curly hair.... butched it off this summer! LOL Not too thrilled about looking like a walking Qtip!

Rebecca said...

it's coing right along - looks really cute :)
sorry you're not happy with the poncho... makes it hard to stay motivated to completion

Karen said...

I completed the MIL poncho and I like it! It's very airy and the colors are perfect for the Spring/Summer. I am modelling it on my blog at

Lisa said...

Oh very nice job, that is pretty. I am actually doing a Lion Brand pattern-The Lace Poncho-but I call it the mil poncho-it's for my mil. lol

Maybe I should start over and do the realy mil poncho.