Sunday, March 06, 2005

Well, well, well

Where have I been? Sheesh. You start to count on a blog and then BAM the person up and disappears. No posts, nothing.


Okay, I am here faithful readers. All, um, 2 or 3 of you. The weekend has been busy. I don't think of Thursday as the weekend, but I'm including it in this paragraph about my weekend. So there. I am in a bunco league. Yep. Sure am. It is incredibly fun and intense and I am having a BLAST. I am one of those dorks who becomes friends with her mom, and her mom's friends. Now, remember, I am not quiiite 30 and my mom is 49. See? (The sad part is that I almost typed that I was 20 and she was 40. Wow. We sure are growing up.) We have it at the restaurant I work at, so the food is great, as is the beer, or iced tea. I actually won for most wins with the first game. Yeehaw!

Then, the days were full of seeing family, going to the gym, and eating, sleeping, and cleaning. The kids spent time with our parents, which means the house was a little quieter for a bit, we took naps. Well, he read, and I crocheted, but we were laying down and almost asleep. I taught the girls to dribble a basketball, they each hit five bounces! and took them swimming, it was cool spending time with just them.

On to the crocheting. I weaved in some more of the ends on the bag, but not allll of them. A girl can only take so much. I have mainly been working on Tawnya's poncho, which is sooooooo close to be done. I had to add some extra to the first strip, because as earlier noted the second was a little wider. I did get the ends weaved in already though, pretty proud of that. OH! I finished the second ugly slipper. My slippers are hilariously ugly, I love them. Very soft, comfortable, and of course, different in their own special ways. I got a pic, but the camera isn't uploading lately. Hmph.


Jennifa said...

I have a pair of my own ugly slippers. They were a test pair for a pair for my mom...they're in Red Heart Ocean, and just really...bad. But I still wear them when no one's home :)

Lisa said...

Glad I am in good company lol. Mine are in Caron Simply Soft, and I wear them ALL the time now. Ugly, but effective.