Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So this is almost 30

Mr. Blue and I and the whole family are members of a health club now, thanks to a very, very nice Christmas gift. It's fabulous, the daycare is very cool with all kinds of fun stuff to do and very well staffed. Mr. Blue and I can drop off the kiddos at the daycare for up to TWO WHOLE HOURS while we workout. Mr. Blue has been working out more than I have-the whole eye injury/broken nose/health crap have held me back a little. I had a hilarious moment of shock at how much older we are when we were sitting next to each other, pedaling away on the reclining bikes-he watching the news on the tv, and me crocheting away. Yes folks, we are now entering the 30's. Mr. Blue has a leg up on me as he is turning 31 in April, I will be 30 in October.

I found a special extra bonus today at the health club. In the little food bar/cafe/whatever the hell they call it they have a couple of my most favorite things. Pretzels and nachos. Yes, with the not quite cheese whiz that isn't spicy! Heaven, I tell you. AND they are cheap. Right up my alley. I love it. I can now go to the gym, drop off the kids, work out, and then add the calories back on right there at the same place AND with stuff I love. Life is good.

You're probably wondering if this is still a crochet blog. It is. I am furiously working on my sisters' ponchos and sewing in the damn ends on the bag for my mom. I keep having to put the bag down because it gets so tedious. Plus I have to keep the scissors hidden from small peoples' views. On a not so great note, as I was working on Jen's poncho I realized that the wood Size K hooks I have are leaving the pattern a little more stretchy and not so tight. Apparently there is some slight difference. The sad part is that I gave both of my metal K's to my cousin's daughters who I have been teaching to crochet. So, I am starting over. Sad, but true. Thankfully I hadn't gotten too far on it.

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