Thursday, March 10, 2005

I am working FURIOUSLY

on Jen's poncho. The first strip is ALMOST finished, woohoooooo! Jen mentioned that next week is supposed to be cooler there, I would love to get the ponchos out to them in time, but wow, it's Thursday already. Thursday night, no less.

I'm also hopelessly addicted to these MTV reality shows. It started way back when with The Real World, and has just snowballed. I sit with my jaw dropped watching Sweet Sixteen. Completely bizarre. Kids really live that way, it's nuts. And they found enough of them to make a series about?! Sheesh. They've come a long way from legion-hall renting with a dj and helium balloons, eh? At least with the twins we can probably sneak in a two for one. ;) Right now I am watching Power Girls, apparently about girls who work in PR for Lizzie Grubman. All I can think of when I see Lizzie Grubman is the whole crashing into the nightclub thing. I guess that'll get you noticed.

I started a hat for myself tonight, out of Red Heart Symphony. MMMMM, very soft. I was having a good time, until I glanced over and saw the poncho strip. Poor, sad, letdown poncho strip. Back to the grindstone.


Jennifa said...

I used to LOVE watching The Real World...but after about five seasons it kind of depressed me...while I can laugh at people's stupidity and drama with the best of them, after some time, it was like, is this REALLY what my generation is like? I'll admit, my parents were strict, and were 10, 20, up to 30 years older when they adopted me than when the rest of the parents in my grade, but COME ON. It's the number one reason why I can't watch that show with Nicole Richie and Paris literally makes me sick thinking of what their parents must feel like, knowing they raised daughters like that.

Lisa said...

I will just completely agree with you jennifer.