Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bleh, Sick Again

My nose is stuffed up, the cold is in my eyes, and my throat is all scratchy. But! I am still plodding along with the knitting. Needing the gratification of an actual project I decided ponchos would be the way to go, and since the girls need some to go with their Easter dresses and I have a ton of Chunky yarn, I was all set. I pushed and shoved and annoyed my friend Venus into doing a poncho knit-along with me. She is using larger needles and I am jealous, I love the way hers is turning out. Mine is going pretty well, especially for being the second thing I've ever knitted-the first being my test swatch. Let's hope I can churn out two of these babies or I will be madly crocheting away the Saturday night before Easter.

My camera has decided it is tired of uploading the pictures and is apparently taking a vacation.

Last night Mr. Blue and I went out to a show to see some local bands, the main purpose being to see the boys of Splenetic. We used to be part of a music promotion company, called and Splenetic was the band we had signed to our record label, we eventually gave up the company because we all had way too much in the way of real lives-jobs, bills, kids, and the like. Since then we haven't been able to make it to many shows-being a grown-up sucks sometimes. Splenetic had been on a lengthy break due to the drummer breaking his arm, and losing one member and adding another. They ROCKED the house last night and I was so proud of them, very good to see them on stage-or at least the Legion hall floor. Another of the local kids, who had moved here a year or so ago, has now formed a FABULOUS band, For Today, and WOW, just WOW. David-the local kid-drums and sings and seriously, it's insane. They are looking for a drummer so that David can get back to running around the stage, but to see that kid drumming and singing is nuts. I am really proud of all of them, it's taken a lot of hard work and perserverance, but they're doing it. It was good to see an Omaha band, Hollowcore, who we'd had up to play awhile back, amazing show. However, it was sad when they asked for Alice and Chains fans and only five of us hollered out. Seriously, these kids didn't even know the song Dirt. I'm not THAT old, right? Sigh. I am. I knew it when I went over and very nicely reminded some kids not to shove each other into the soundboard. Our friend Ryan looked at me and said, "You know they are wondering WHO BROUGHT THEIR MOM!" lol. I've decided we need some shirts for the kids that say "Not your mother's mosh" or "Not your sister's mosh."

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