Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I've decided that

frogging while wearing new pajamas is not so bad. They are comfy, bright colored, and NEW. I lova pajamas, love them. I'd wear them everywhere if I could get away with it. Sometimes I do wear them, even knowing I won't get away with it.

So, here I sit in my new jammies, feeling spiffy in spite of MORE MASSIVE FROGGING on Jen's poncho. Sigh. This will now be the fourth start on this particular project. FOURTH. Bigger Sigh. In the meantime, the sisters are getting ants in their pants about WHEN these ponchos will be done. Biggest Sigh of All. So, I am determined to make some major progress on this thing THIS VERY WEEK. If I can stop needing to pull out all the work I've done on the damn thing.

I am committed to finishing projects. COMMITTED. I must finish this poncho and the bag for my mom. MUST. Next up are flip flops for a big family vacation to California at the end of April. We are all incredibly excited (hang on, I am mentally blocking out the picture of us on a plane with four small people.) I get to see my sisters, AND my grandparents who have not even MET my youngest child and saw the third on the day he was born. I. CAN'T. WAIT. We are doing a baby shower for T while we are all out there, and my other grandma is coming along as well. I thought it would be cool to make us all some fun fur trimmed flip flops. So, my sisters, my girls, my mom, my grandmas, and myself will be wearing matching flip flops. Furry, fuzzy flip flops. YEEHAW! Maybe it will start a trend if people see that many of us wearing them.

I also REALLY want to start a poncho for myself-I've had the yarn forever-and a bag for V. AND something for my nephew. If I can find a cute boy baby pattern in crochet. Still in search of the perfect thing to make him. Oh, I also need to finish the baby blanket and at some point the sock. More than likely the sock will suffer for awhile, by the time I finish everything else we will be into summer and I will not be able to even THINK about putting on a pair of socks in the heat.

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Jennifa said...

I love pajamas too...I have quite the collection!

Baby boy patterns are so hard to find...I ended up buying a lot of actual books, rather than Leisure Arts or whatever, so I don't get stuck stitching sailor suits or something...lol