Thursday, March 24, 2005

One poncho strip KNITTED

three more to go. Sheesh. The pressure is on, Easter is almost here, and although I have gone much faster at this knitting thing I am not sure if I will be fast enough. We'll see I guess. It's funny how cumbersome the knitting needles feel compared to my crochet hook, but it's fun learning, and I am (mostly) enjoying it. Binding off this strip was a little trickier, but I got it okay.

Still not feeling the greatest, but I am slowly getting better, please let me be feeling miraculously better by tomorrow, I've had enough! It's a nice grey, rainy day and we are all lounging in our jammies, thanks to the first day of Spring Break. No having to get up and get dressed and hurry out the door, hooray!

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