Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ah what a Saturday

Not much sleep last night, swimming lessons for the girls this morning. A stop at McDonald's for lunch on the way home and then trying to get all of these munchkins to lay down and rest. You would think this would be easier, as the girls had spent a lot of time swimming, and the boys had been playing and climbing and running. Not so. They have now spent the afternoon subverting my best efforts. They've also decided that today will be a complete let's not listen to mom at all day, we'll just distract her by getting into all kinds of things and causing trouble. yippee.

I have a massive headache, I am tired, I am crabby and Mr. Blue is over at his brother's. Oh he will pay, yes he will. Well, not really, but it's fun to think about. So, here I sit, headphones on, crocheting, err, well typing away, while chaos reigns in the background.

The kids are fighting and hollering and all out of sorts and tonight we have a dance show of the girls. It's been much anticipated, the first we've ever done, but I'm now having visions of our rag tag group staggering in, disheveled and ornery, and the boys staging mutiny in the audience while the girls are so tired they don't even remember why we are there. Let's hope not.

I've finished one of the strips for Jen's poncho, about 1/4 of the way into the second. Please let me finish soon. Please.

Yours Truly,
Lisa who is dreaming of a lovely life where she can sit in fabulous little coffeeshops reading the latest books and crocheting away, all while her lovely children play quietly and happily around her, gazing up with love.

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