Saturday, September 03, 2005

Still a bad blogger.

My sisters have gone home :( Illness is still here in the house, including the husband and I. At the moment I have it the worst. The only two who have remained unaffected are the small boys, and hopefully it will leave them alone. Drew is off for the weekend with his grandparents and cousin and the rest of us are having a relaxed and leisurely recuperating weekend. Pray it works.

After all of our busy-ness this past few weeks it was very nice to be home again. I've made some projects on some of my projects, finished the dishcloths for the swaps-finally! and need to get those mailed out. I'll post pics later so it doesn't spoil the surprise. (If either of them read this blog, that is.) Today I took a break from my poncho to start a totally new and unexpected project. Arenne and I had a bit of time to ourselves today and I noticed how big their new jeans are. Why! I could make the girls belts! I hauled out some pink Sugar 'n Cream and came up with a belt. Arenne LOVES it. I am now working on Abbie's, in purple. Using my own made up stitch-that I used on all of my afghans before actually being able to read patterns. I'll have to take pics and post them here.

Now I am going to try to finish Abs' belt and wallow in my sickly misery.

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