Thursday, September 22, 2005

I've been hoping

the cute picture of my youngest child would be enough for me to get away with not posting for a bit.

WHEW. So this full time evening shift job thing is seriously cutting into my online time, my yarn time, and especially my kid time. Sigh. Thankfully I have tomorrow and Saturday off and I am home until about 2:00pm on Sunday. I can't wait to just hang out with the family. Mr. Blue escaped for a couple days to go and see Coldplay-of course I am bitter at not being able to go-but at least he got to get away and have some fun. The kids enjoyed a couple evenings with their grandparents, always a bonus.

I absolutely love my job. Love it. I will be very sad when it is gone. As for salads, I've compromised by bringing salad at least one night a week, and having them for lunch. It works, right?

On a very cool yarny note, one of the people coming into my bay is an extreme knitter. I am so excited to have met her, she is extremely proficient at knitting and crocheting and works at a craft store teaching. Her work is GORGEOUS and she sells at a farmer's market here every Saturday. She also sets up at craft shows and that when she can. On an even cooler note, she has invited me to go to a big craft show with her, if I am interested. Of course I am, but then where will I find the time to get any sort of stock worked up?!?! Especially with all these purses waiting in the wings. I am very happy to have met this woman, she is very nice and very good at all things yarn. The only sad part is that I can't sit and crochet next to her during the workday. Sigh.


Maggie said...

Lisa, I totally feel for you. In April, I returned to work after a year off (2 boys: 5 y.o. & 17 months old now). My career is a demanding one, not really meant for the working mom of young children. Too much time away and sooo many expectations. I do love my job, but I certainly love my kids more, so it's a constant internal battle. Courage, luv! You'll get through it just fine!

Lisa said...

Thanks :) I appreciate your comments.