Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Paging Dr. Scholls...

Going from a stay at home mom who gets delicious sitting on the couch snuggle time to standing on my feet for pretty close to the full eight hours makes for aching tootsies. Those Jellin'? Gellin'? commercials aren't seeming quite as dorky right now. Okay, they still are dorky, but spawned an entire round of gellin jokes that I inundated my poor co-supervisors with. As sad as my jokes were, I think they really did want to join in. I'm sure of it.

It went better than I had expected yesterday, and I love it so far. I really do feel that getting this job will be great for me personally. I miss the heck out of the kids already. Col and I get the daytime together, but I barely see Abs, Arenne, & Drew. At least I've got Fridays and Saturdays off.

Col and I hit the grocery store this morning, wheee. My goal is to bring salads to work for dinner, and I'm having green tea in the mornings. Work clothes shopping and the flourescent lights combined with the big mirror did not do great things for my body image. I wanted to actually wipe the image from my eyes, so I guess the next best thing would be to eat healthier and soon I will get my behind back into the gym. Soon.

Par for the course, Mr. Blue did well handling the afterschool stuff and remembered everything. Off to a great start. I, however, am not doing as well with my list, as I am sitting here on the computer rather than picking up and cleaning and laundry. A girl's gotta wake up though, right?

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