Thursday, September 08, 2005

I just have to add that I also went and bought an interview outfit today. It's been six years since I've worn professional dress clothes and I've grown considerably since then.

I was on a fast mission, and horridly disappointed at the selection at this particular department store. For crying out loud, it's a department store! The first skirt I tried on was absolutely motherfucking hilarious. Seriously. It would've elicited laughs from even the most serious people you know. Such a cute kicky little skirt, but when coupled with my baby burdened body it turned into a caricature. I laughed at my own reflection in the mirror. (This took a lot as I was trying to come down from the gasp at the hideousness of my overgrown baby/beer belly.) Perhaps if I had larger boobs to offset it it would not have been as shocking or HI-larious.

Whatever the case I came home with an appropriately fitted and rather flattering skirt in purple and black and a sweater top in black. All around it fit me well, and I even wore NYLONS. Yes folks, black nylons.

Too bad it was mostly wasted on a flip flop jeans wearing crowd, eh?

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