Tuesday, September 13, 2005

List of Things I Must Do Now That I Am Working Full-Time

I've become so used to being a domestic goddess, even if I'm not a very good one, that I need to do some serious re-organization around here. Most nights Mr. Blue will be the parent in charge of homework-not that there is a lot of it-and reading the kids' daily mail and all of that. He is not used to this. At all. I have always done this and have a handy filing system and a calendar of the girls' specials for each day and all sorts of notes and things to keep us on track. You would be amazed at the amount of paperwork and organization that comes with three kids in Primary School. Arenne has nightly reading assignments, and I read with the others as well, something Mr. Blue does occasionally, but is not used to all of it on regular sort of schedule. He's more of a read when the mood strikes kind of guy.

I also need to get much more caught up on my laundry as I will not have as much time to play the old throw the laundry in at the last minute at night game. Especially to make sure they have actual matching clothes and enough socks and all that. Enough blathering, here's my list.

1. Remind Mr. Blue to take care of "homework" and check kids' school mail in the evenings.

2. Get caught up on laundry, at least a little bit.

3. Get on a morning cleaning schedule. Yes mornings, yes me, actually doing things in.the.morning.

4. Attempt to get morning cleaning done early-ish so that I can spend some time crocheting or reading or just jacking around. Something to enjoy the little bit of alone time I will get each day. Try not to fall into nap every day during this time routine.

5. Refer to this entry often to remind myself of the things I must do now that I am working full-time.

6. Find the horribly loud chirpy cricket by my back door and annihilate it.

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