Monday, September 05, 2005

Illness prevails and my use of big words.

The illness has spread to the smallest one in the family. Colin started acting grumpy and out of sorts after a long nap yesterday and was soon feeling warm and feverish. Throughout the night he got worse, sleeping an hour at a time, at most. Poor little guy. This afternoon, with the help of Children's Tylenol he is up and rowdy and happy to see his brother who came home today. The reunion has also sparked myriad fights and random screaming and hollering, apparently this is what joy does to children. Yay for adults.

A thunderstorm is rolling in and I am happy to have a grey day, it just seems more relaxing and peaceful. Rain is one of those comforting things for me. Someday I will have a nice screened in porch like my parents that I'll be able to sit on during the rain and read books and drink tea.

Typing prevails reminded me of a conversation with my siblings while we were all here having a few beers. A rare occurance, due to the sisters distance from my brother and I. Gack, be back to finish!


Jennifa said...

My parents had a screened in porch too. When I was a kid, it was almost a tradition to go and sit out there during thunderstorms, and it would feel so good to feel the mist and smell of the rain.

Lisa said...

Exactly, it was heaven. I still love being over there in thunder and rainstorms, but it's not at easy now that I have kids. ;)