Wednesday, February 23, 2005

WOW, I have comments!

And they aren't from people I already know lol. Thanks everyone!

As you might have read in the comments on the last post I have a scratched cornea, courtesy of the same two year old who broke my nose a few months back. This kid is tough I tell you. I made it through my other 3 children's toddlerhoods with nary a major incident, but #4 shows no mercy. While wrangling him into his snowboots Big C flung up an arm and hit my eye. OWWWWWWWWW! I knew it was bad. Scratched cornea, big time. I've had four kids, a broken leg, and a broken nose but this one appears to be THE most painful. I have a contact on it, like a bandaid, which is helping a lot, but I'd like to go break into the eye doctor's right now and steal some of those nifty numbing drops. I had a hair or something in the contact, and ended up having to take it out, which then led to putting it back in. Let's just say it wasn't fun. At all.

Now the 4 year old is still up, Mr. Blue has conked out, and I'm still hurting too much to sleep. I really wish I had a bigass painkiller/sleep med. Sigh.

It was feeling a little better today, prior to my 2nd eye appt and I did get some crocheting done on my sis's poncho. It's very frustrating to not be able to read or crochet.

Now, I am off to hope the 4 yr old crashes and I pass out from sheer agony.


Jennifa said...

That really, really stinks...I hope I never get a cut on my EYE. Freaks me out to even think about it.

Lisa said...

It freaks me out big time, you wouldn't believe how long it took me to actually get contacts, much less put them in.