Sunday, February 20, 2005

My hands are sore

but I'm pretty sure it's worth it. I am working on a bag for my mom, out of the Peruvian Highland Wool I had gotten from Elann. It is working up really well, and I am hoping I have enough yarn leftover to make one for myself. Except it might be a little weird to have a purse that matches my mom's. Althooough, the last time I bought one it ended up being the same one my mother in law had just bought. I guess this would make things even, right?

I am going to felt this bag, and I can't wait! I made up the pattern, which usually ends up being much easier than me trying to actually read a pattern. But, then I want to write it down, in case I do make one for myself. I'll have to remember to do it before I felt it, so I can count the stitches and rows.

And the biggest news right now, I am going to have a NEPHEW! WOOHOOO! One of my sisters is pregnant, this will be my first time as an aunt to one of my siblings' kids, I am waaaaay excited. I did really want to make those cute little mary janes, but I'll just have to find another little girl baby somewhere. I am really happy for her and her husband and way too excited. :D

Currently I have this bag, the ponchos for my sisters, and the baby blanket waiting to be finished. The bag will be first. I hope, at least.

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