Saturday, February 26, 2005

I've put down the sock

and picked up the poncho. I have got to get the ponchos for my sisters finished and the bag for my mom done. I HAVE TO. As much as I really, really, really, really want to make a pair of socks. Really.

I need to weave in the ends of yarn on the bag, sew it together, and then felt it. I keep toying with the idea of not weaving in the ends, but I just think it will look better overall if I do. I really dislike weaving in ends though and this bag has a LOT of ends. Felting will have to wait at least a day, since I need to get some laundry done, but that won't be a problem since it will take me that much to weave and sew.

I finished one of the rectangles for T's poncho and am working on the second. Then it's sewing it together. After I'll need to do both of J's rectangles, as I only have 1 started. The biggest challenge with this is making them the right size. I tried to guage it when they were here last, but it's tough, and now that they are in California it's a little hard for them to try them on in progress. And the three of us are all completely different sizes, so that's no help either. We'll see, I guess.

After these, I need to finish the blanket for my NEPHEW! *huge grin* and make some socks, yeehaw! I know V is also waiting to see what I come up with in the way of a bag for her, hehe.

On the eye front, things are progressing well. I am now without the contact and NOT in excruciating pain, hooray! Still scratchy and a little pain, but nothing like it was. Mr. Eye Doctor has said it is healing really well, the only problem is that my vision in that eye still isn't that great. Well, it wasn't to begin with, but he means with my glasses on it isn't that great. I go back Tuesday for another check-up. And, I still have not stolen any numbing drops, I can safely say pain did not turn me into a junkie theif!

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