Sunday, February 06, 2005

My guage is back

thank goodness! Whew.

I know other yarn whores will understand this next story. We've recently joined a health club. Lord knows both Mr. Blue and I need it. We were both pretty fit when we met and used to go running together all the time. Those days are looong gone, but hopefully we can get our exercise on. Soooo, on my second visit I decided to take it easy and do some riding on the reclining bikes. These are a marvelous invention, as you get a good workout, but can actually sit, and have a chairback to lean on. I had seen people reading while riding them, so of course my mind immediately went to crocheting! Can you imagine? That is some fine multi-tasking. I brought along my felty bag with wallet, keys, and a small project. Yes, girls, it can be done. You can crochet on a reclining bike. Mr. Blue did not really want to sit by me though.

Today we are off for some superbowl watching. I was really hoping to see the Eagles and the Steelers play in the superbowl, after it was apparent my Vikings would not be there. But, Patriots/Eagles it was. My aunt is a huge Eagles fan, so I'll be rooting for them. Yes, it's true, the girls in our family actually enjoy football. I get most of it.

I am also looking for a crochet pattern for golf headcovers. My bil would like some, as would Mr. Blue and I, and well, sheesh, probably a lot of my family members. So far I have only found one pattern online. If any of you know of one, please let me know!

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