Sunday, February 20, 2005

Aren't my bears just too much?

Okay, so maybe they are, but I love them anyway. The bear on the left was given to me by a bunch of great friends at Sybermoms, when I started having all of my whacked out health stuff. They sent me a box of fun stuff that totally made my day. So, that little guy has been sitting up on my desk for about a year now.

Then, my friend Jen made me the cute little bear who sits next to my other bear-it just now occurs to me I haven't named either of them, and I have names for EVERYTHING. Jen knitted the little guy and I am just in love. She helped us out in the Sybermoms auction for the Tsunami victims by participating in the bracelet smackdown and offered to knit things for those who purchased braclets from her. She rocks, as do the other smackdown participants. :) Jen, who is known as Pierced in our little corner of the internet is an amazing knitter, and has recently taken up crochet. I swear this girl was born for needlework. You can check out her work here:

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Jen said...

I <3 you