Monday, February 21, 2005

So many projects, so little time

I'm still working on the bag for my mom, and the ponchos for my sisters. Primarily the bag, and I cannot wait until I get it finished. Partly because felting is just way too much fun, and partly because I've totally made up the pattern for this bag and really hope it will work.

Been having more pain, I'm guessing this is what's called a "flare" in my line of illness. Yippee! I definitely did not get as much crocheting done as I'd wanted to. Housework be damned, as usual.

It snowed again today, I wasn't expecting it and it was really light, but covered the ground fast. The kids were pretty excited about it, and I was glad the girls wore their snowboots to school. If they don't, they don't get to run around in the snow at recess, and really, what fun is it to stand in the snow?

We watched 24 tonight, I am TOTALLY sucked into this show, it is way too intense. It also goes way too fast and I hate it when it ends. Mr. Blue's habit of shouting, THIS IS IT, IT'S OVER! right at the very end of it is really driving me up the wall. I was barely past the floor molding when he first started doing it, now I am definitely touching the ceiling.

I was really missing my cat today, and it's been like 5 years since he passed away. I really miss having a cat, and was having some serious want to run out and get a cat RIGHT NOW feelings. Then, I reminded myself that I have four children who I have a hard enough time keeping out of trouble and cleaning up after, and adding a litter box, cat hair, and cat claws to the mix wouldn't be the greatest idea. Sigh.


Jennifa said...

Hello! I just found your site from craftster...I love your projects! You have great taste in colors. It was funny when you mentioned your sister having a boy, and you wish you could make some baby mary janes...I keep having that same feeling, but everyone just keeps having boys...I thought girls were more common, but I've been able to make only ONE girl project out of about 5 baby projects in all...blah! And boy projects that are not sailor suits are few and far between.
I know what you mean about missing your cat...I waited about five months after losing my first to get a new one...maybe six months? It was hard to do though, as I had to get a cat that looked NOTHING like her, which was a little hard to do (she was a tabby), so my Chloe is a dark gray with white. There's really no resemblence between the two, except perhaps in personality a little.

Hunny said...

I like your blog. Great projects! And aren't cats just like kids anyway??!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A great blog. How do u manage to get so much crocheting done with 4 kids, work and all! Great! Your kids are all so cute and lovely. So are your works...

Lisa said...

WOW, I have comments! Thanks to all of you. :)

My rowdy two year old scratched my cornea with his little fingernail, so I have not been online much-it happened yesterday. Also not getting much crocheting done *sob.

I crochet everywhere, in the pickup line at school, when I get stuck by trains, at home while hanging with the kids, it all adds up.

Thanks again for reading!